Fatwa Against Forced Vaccinations

Scholars of Mauritania Issue Fatwa Against Forced Vaccinations-Translated by Dr. Abdullah bin Hamid Ali There is no doubt that the refusal of medical treatment, placing one’s reliance upon Allah and acceptance of what He decrees, is among matters endorsed by the revealed law. Fatwa Against Forced Vaccinations Tweet More countries and governments, including Muslim countries […]

Connecting Our Youth With The Qur’an

Connecting With The Qur’an: A Special Young Men’s Retreat with Ustadh Nuh Saunders On October 1-3, 2021, the Lamppost Education Initiative is conducting a unique three-day retreat with 100 young men aged 13-21. The objective of this retreat is to connect our young men to the inimitable Quran. This retreat will take place at beautiful […]