A Sound Heart-Imam Fode Drame Coming To Atlanta, Ga

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The Lamppost Education Initiative and the Masina Institute presents Imam Fode Drame for a special weekend tour of the Atlanta area. Imam Fode Drame of the Zawiyah Foundation. 
   Imam Fode Drame will be visiting three different masjids in the Atlanta area to speak about how we can purify our hearts from corrupt and sins. These events are FREE and open to the public. See the event flyer above for the times and locations. 
Take a look at the video by Shaykh Muhammad Mendes for a detailed introduction to a brilliant scholar and teacher, Imam Fode Drame

A must read work from the Lamppost Education Initiative. Click the link below for more details

At the Roswell Community Masjid, joining Imam Fode Drame will be Shaykh Adeyinka Mendes and Ustadh Youssef Kromah. Sharing reflections, spoken word poetry and more.  Please be sure to join us for these special events in Atlanta, Ga…

Shaykh Muhammad Mendes

Muhammad Adeyinka (pronounced: ah-deh-yin-ka) Mendes was born in the United States and raised in both the US and in Nigeria. At the age of 17, he embraced Islam after a life changing journey to Palestine. While at Morehouse College and later at the Ohio State University, he pursued a BA in Arabic and began studying the classical sciences of Islam with scholars from various countries around the United States, among them were Shaykh Hamza Yusuf Hanson, Shaykh Muhammad Shareef, Dr. Antar ibn Standford Smith, Shaykh Nuh Keller, Ustath Ahmad Abdur-Rahman, Ustath Hamidou Taal, and Ustath Amr Khalifa.

​Upon graduation, he traveled to the Middle East and West Africa to sit at the feet of a number of notable scholars who further acquainted him with the major Islamic sciences of Qur’anic Recitation, Prophetic Narrations, Classical Arabic, Theology, Jurisprudence, and Purification of the Soul. Among the scholars he was blessed to learn from were Shaykh Fareed Azuz (Algeria), Shaykh Mustafa Turkmani (Syria), Shaykh Abdul-Halim al-Jaza’iri (Algeria), Shaykh Murabit al-Hajj (Mauritania), and Shaykh Ibrahim Makana (Nigeria). He also studied at Ma’had Abi Nour in Damascus, Syria, and has received licenses to teach (ijazat) from Shaykhs Uthman al-Imam an-Naijayri (Nigeria), Ibrahim Makana (Nigeria), Muhammad al-Ya’qoubi (Syria), Muhammad an-Ninowy (Syria), and Khalil Abdur-Rashid (USA).

Youssef Kromah is an award-winning poet, best-selling author, dynamic speaker, community activist and international television host at Huda TV in Cairo, Egypt.

He was first featured as a spoken-word poet on Russel Simmon’s HBO series Brave New Voices and later as a featured guest speaker on CNN’s Who’s Black in America, hosted by Soledad O’Brien. Youssef’s ability to captivate and enthrall audiences with his poignant words and power-packed performances has taken him all over the United States and abroad, including Cuba, Hong Kong, Palestine, Ireland, Thailand, Morocco, London, Egypt and many other countries.

An alumnus of LaSalle University, Youssef graduated with the distinctions while double majoring in Leadership and Global Understanding and English. He is the founder of the Do It for The Deen initiative and an active youth leader in several Muslim communities.

Youssef serves as a khatib for over 10 masjids in the Delaware Valley region, as well as assistant imam at Masjidullah in Philadelphia, Pa. Youssef is currently pursuing a degree in Islamic Studies at Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt, with hopes of following a career track in Islamic Scholarship, while continuing his art, da’wah work and youth development initiatives. He also works at Inner City Muslim Action Network (IMAN) in Atlanta, Ga

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