Loving Allah: The Story of Himar The Prankster

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"No one has the right to close the door of mercy on anyone that is the right of Allah alone"

Dr. Abdullah bin Hamid Ali provides a moving discourse on Loving Allah even if we fall into states of disobedience and sin. Dr. Ali also tells the fascinating story of Nu’ayman ibn Amr, also known as ‘Himar the Prankster,’ as a moving proof of the compassion and loving nature of our Prophet Muhammad (saws)

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Dr. Abdullah bin Hamid Ali

He holds a Ph.D. in Cultural and Historical Studies in Religion (2016) and an M.A. in Ethics and Social Theory (2012) from the Graduate Theological Union. He obtained his B.A. (ijaza ‘ulya) in Islamic Law (Shariah) from the prestigious Al-Qarawiyin University of Fes, Morocco in 2001. He served as full time Islamic chaplain at the State Correctional Institute of Chester, PA from 2002-2007, and is the founding director of the Lamppost Education Initiative. He currently serves as a assistant professor of Islamic law and Prophetic Tradition at Zaytuna College in Berkeley, California His research interests include the interconnection between law and identity formation, comparative Islamic law, and Islam’s role in the modern world.
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