Murshid Al-Qari’: A Reader’s Guide to Classical Muslim Religious Literature in English-Dr. Khalid Yahya Blankinship

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This book I recently started reading (Murshid al-Qari) is a fantastic book. It's by, I think, one of the brilliant living Americans-Khalid Yahya Blankinship

This work by Dr. Khalid Blankinship is a very useful starting point for people studying Islam in English and anyone who lacks the ability to access the Islamic sources in their original languages.

Dr. Khalid Yahya Blankinship

What’s the difference between Yusuf Ali’s translation of the Qur’an and the translation of the new ‘Study Qur’an? What do we know about the influences and backgrounds of the translators of Qur’an and Tafsir? Do the translators have a modernist or  traditional approach to Quranic translation and does that matter?

The Lamppost Education Initiative is pleased to present the first volume of Murshid Al-Qari-A Reader’s Guide To Classical Muslim Religious Literature in English by Dr. Khalid Yahya Blankinship. This volume details the most important Muslim religious literature currently available in English, with a special concentration on translations of classical texts which Muslims currently rely on for religious guidance. 

  In this comprehensive work, Dr. Khalid Blankinship helps the English reader to navigate between the various translations of the Qur’an and Tafsir literature by providing rich details and insights on the translators, their influences and backgrounds, and so much more. Listen to Dr. Blankinship’s talk about this unique work here: 

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Click the image below or click HERE for a pdf sample of the book. 

 Limited copies of this work published by the Lamppost Education Initiative are only available here on the Lamppost website. You will not find this book on Amazon, bookstores or anywhere else. Order your copy of this unique work today. Click HERE the link below to order your copy today. 

Dr. Khalid Yahya Blankinship

Born in Seattle, WA, Khalid Yahya Blankinship obtained his BA in History in 1973 from the University of Washington, an MA in Teaching English as a Foreign Language in 1975 from the American University in Cairo, and an MA in Islamic History in 1983 from Cairo University. His Ph.D. in History is from the University of Washington in 1988.

After traveling extensively in Europe and the Middle East, Blankinship long resided in Egypt and in Saudi Arabia at Makkah, becoming fluent in both classical and colloquial Arabic. He taught English for several years at the American University in Cairo, and then History at the University of Washington. In 1990, Blankinship moved to Philadelphia, where he was appointed in the Department of Religion at Temple University. Promoted to the rank of Associate Professor in 1996, he has served as Chair of the Department of Religion 1998-2002, Departmental Graduate Director 2003-2013, and Chair again from 2013. He is active in lecturing and research on religion in general and Islam in particular.

In addition to courses on Islam, he regularly teaches Religion in the World as well as Religion and Science. He has regularly presented papers at the annual meetings of the American Academy of Religion (AAR) and the American Oriental Society (AOS), and has also participated in meetings of the Middle East Studies Association (MESA). He has delivered lectures in many places, including Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, India, and Malaysia. Also, Blankinship studied with a number of Muslim religious scholars, especially Shaykh Ismâ‘îl Sâdiq al-‘Adawî (1934-1998), the Imâm of Masjid al-Azhar in Cairo, and he has made the acquaintance of many well-known scholars of the Muslim world. He has posted a number of his responses to questions on Muslim law (on-line). He participated in the series of religious lectures in the Arabic language called al-Durûs al-Hasaniyyah (Hasanian Lectures) presented before the king in Morocco during Ramadân 1989-2000.Dr. Khalid Blankinship is a regular contributor to the Lamppost Education Initiative. We are pleased to announce that we have published  a new book by Dr.Blankinship.  ‘Murshid Al-Qari’-A Reader’s Guide to Classical Muslim Religious Literature in English’ is a unique work that explores the English translations of the Qur’an and Tafsirs. 

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