“Not Truth But Tolerance”-Dr Sherman Abdul-Hakim Jackson


In his superb translation of Abu Hamid al-Ghazali’s ‘Faysal al-Tafriqa, entitled ‘On the Boundaries of Theological Tolerance in Islam, Dr Sherman Abdul-Hakim Jackson presents this excellent work to provide a “criterion for theological tolerance” in Islam. A critique of this work was done by Professor Atif Khalil, a Professor at the University of Lethbridge, in a work entitled “ Is an Intra-Islamic Theological Ecumenism Possible (Click title to read article)? A Response to Sherman Jackson ” In this critique, Professor Khalil charges that Dr Jackson’s arguments allows for a validation of all theological postulates within the Islamic tradition without the means to “differentiate authentic from inauthentic methods of rational interpretation in relation to scripture.”

Dr Sherman Abdul-Hakim Jackson provides a detailed response to his Professor Khalil’s arguments in his article “ Not Truth But Tolerance! ‘A Much (Belated) Response to Atif Khalil (Click title to read article)

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