Ramadan Reflections-The Prophets

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The 2021 Ramadan Reflection Series

The Lamppost Education Initiative’s presents this special series of lectures with a focus on the 25 Prophets mentioned in the Qur’an. Each day during Ramadan, we will have a live or pre-recorded session at 6:30 pm Eastern Standard time. You will be a Our presentations will be live or recorded sessions. Our Live sessions will be found HERE
All of the previous recordings and sessions that you may have missed will be found on our page here.  

2021 Ramadan Reflections

Imam Dawood Yasin-Prophet Dawud (pbuh)

Shaykh Abdul Karim Yahya-Prophet Khidr (AS)

Imam Khalil Abdur-Rashid-Prophet Musa (AS)

Imam Dawud Walid-Prophet Yusuf (AS)

Imam Fode Drame-Prophet Shu'ayb (AS)

Anse Tamara Gray-The Women Around Prophet Musa (AS)

Shaykh Faraz Khan-Prophet Ya'cub (AS)

Shaykh Walead Mosaad-Prophet Ishaq (AS)

Imam Sulaimaan Hamed: Prophet Ishma'el(AS)

Dr. Abdullah bin Hamid Ali: Prophet Adam (AS)

Imam Zaid Shakir-Prophet Idris (AS)

Ustadha Zaynab Ansari-Prophet Nuh (AS)

Joe Bradford-Prophet Hud (AS)

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