Retaining the Prophetic Heritage: Introduction to the Science of Hadith-Shaykh Abdullah Ali

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  • Instructor: Dr.Abdullah bin Hamid Ali

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The Lamppost Education Initiative is once again pleased to offer our “Introduction to Hadith Science” Course. This online course is a highly nuanced study of history, evolution, crystallization and nomenclature of the science of hadith. Based on the traditional poem, “Al-Manzuma Al-Bayquniya “, Shaykh Abdullah provides detailed explanations of how our scholars preserved the words of the Prophet (saws).

Some of the learning objectives in this course for the student are:

  • To learn the definition of a hadith and its subdivisions
  • To acquire insight into the criteria for hadith authentication
  • To learn and understand the nomenclature of scholarly hadith criticism
  • To learn the different strengths and usages of hadith
  • To learn the difference between the Sunni and Shiite criteria for hadith authentication
  • To learn inter-madhhab criteria for hadith authentication and usage
  • and much more..

Sample from “Introduction to the Science of Hadith”

Course Description

Lesson 1: Introduction Session
Lesson 2: Hadith, Sunnna, History, Compilation & Canons
Lesson 3: Hadith Divisions according to strength, traditionaries, connectivity, and number of transmitters
Lesson 4: Lesson 4: Usage of weak hadiths and forms of weakness
Lesson 5: Shiite hadith standards and Orientalist contentions
Lesson 6: Question & Answer Session

Course Materials

  1. Arabic text: Al-Manzhumah al-Baiquni (Translatation by Shaykh Abdullah Ali)
  2. Mp3-audio and accompanying pdf files.