Salafis, Sufis & The Mawlid by Shaykh Abdullah Ali (khutba)

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Is the Mawlid really a Bid’a? Does the picture above reflect how we should look at the Mawlid? Or is the failure to participate in the Mawlid an example of failing to love the Prophet (saws)? In a moving discourse, Shaykh Abdullah Ali discusses the controversial aspects of the Salafis, Sufis, and the Mawlid. What are we obliged to believe about the ‘Awliyah’ of Allah ta-‘ala? Who are the ‘Awliya’?
Please listen carefully to this khutbah by Shaykh Abdullah Ali. Click the link below to download and listen to this session.

Salafis, Sufis & The Mawlid

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