Lamppost Course Samples

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Samples from Lamppost Courses

A study of Usul-ul-Fiqh. Click below for details.

History of the Crusades

A detailed historical look at the Crusades. Click below for details.

Introduction to Hadith Science

Dr. Abdullah bin Hamid Ali explains why the ‘science’ of hadith is important. Click below for the full Lamppost Course

Sunni vs Shi'a

A sample from the exclusive Lamppost course: “Sunni vs Shi’ah”. In this clip, Dr. Khalid Blankinship explores some of the factors that led to the first civil war. To access the full course, click below.¬†

Islam, Ethics, and Sex Education

In this exclusive Lamppost session, Dr. Abdullah Ali takes a look at the controversial issue of abortion. This is just a small sample of a detail course on Islam, Ethics, and Sex Education. Click the button below for details.

White Supremacy: The Beginning of Modern Day Shirk?

A very unique look at the concept of ‘white supremacy’. Get this special instructional seminar¬† from Dr. Sherman Jackson. Click the link below for details.¬†

Support The Lamppost Education Initiative

In order to continue the services in Islamic education and research that the Lamppost Education Initiative has provided for more than 15 years, we need your donations and support. Find out more by clicking the link below:

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Marriage and Relationships

Marriage is a fundamental expression of our humanity Ustadh Ubaydullah Evans Tweet This exclusive Lamppost Education Initiative video features a thought-provoking and frank panel discussion

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