The Modern and Post Modern Self and the Human without Center-Ustadh Giovanni Herran

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The Nafs is the King of the Millenium”-Shaykh Abdal-Hakim Murad

Who are we? How do we build our “identities” as individuals? How do some of the existential, philosophical discourse of the modern and post-modern era influence our modern culture and identity? More importantly, how does it impact our Deen?
In this fascinating discourse, Ustadh Giovanni Herran of Respect Graduate School provides an academic exploration of the modern and post-modern philosophical constructs of the self; and how it relates to our popular culture, our religion, and much more.
Presented courtesy of Respect Graduate School

Giovanni Herran

Giovanni Herran

Giovanni Herran has been an educator for nearly two decades and currently teaches Ethics at Temple University. He has taught subjects including comparative religion and Islamic intellectual history, and his Master's thesis in History researched the intersection between colonization, imperial culture, the production of race, and evolutionary theory. He is currently finishing his doctoral research on epistemology and non-dualism within the late Islamic heritage.

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