‘Unity vs Uniformity’- Dr Sherman Abdul-Hakim Jackson

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“The ability to accommodate justifiable differences is not just a politically expedient thing, it is not something we do just because we want to live together harmoniously. We don’t want to have to go into the masjid and get all of this drama, we don’t want to face each other and confront all of this tension. It is true, we don’t want these things. But that is not why as Muslims we accommodate justifiable difference. We accommodate differences of opinion as a matter of aqeedah.” Dr Sherman Abdul-Hakim Jackson

How do we accommodate differences of opinions in Islam? How do we maintain unity in the face of so many variegated opinions about the issues that confront us as Muslims in the modern world? In this extremely important discourse, Dr Sherman Abdul-Hakim Jackson highlights some essential points with regards to following the Qur’an, the Sunnah, and the ijma’ of the ulema ! This was a lecture that Dr Jackson offered in Philadelphia.

Listen very carefully to this powerful discourse here:
Unity vs Uniformity


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