Ramadan: The Noble Guest by Dr. Abdullah bin Hamid Ali

In a moving tribute to the blessed month of Ramadan, Dr. Abdullah bin Hamid Ali the Founding Director of the Lamppost Education Initiative offers some poetic insights that enables us to honor and reflect upon the beauty of Ramadan.  Click here to Download Article Dr. Abdullah bin Hamid Ali He holds a Ph.D. in Cultural […]

Ṣalāt al-ʿĪd According to the School of Madīnah

As we enter the final evening of Ramadan, we ask that Allah accept our fast, our prayers, our sadaqa, and all of our ibadah. The Covid-19 crisis has made this a very different month of fasting for us. With social distancing rules, many of us will not be praying the Eid Salat with our masajid […]