About Us

The Lamppost Education Initiative

"Moral Clarity During a Time of Confusion"
"Courage in a Time of Fear"
"Discipline in a Time of Chaos"

The Lamppost Education Initiative (Lamppost) is a non-profit 501c3 charitable organization dedicated to Islamic education for English-speaking Muslims. Lamppost provides a window into the rich Islamic tradition through the eyes of contemporary American Muslim scholars, intellectuals, activists, and leaders.

We offer to the public: live and pre-recorded webinars, classes, books, essays, and onsite enrichment programs dealing with the topics of Islam, Muslims, and the socio-cultural dynamics of American society. Our contributors offer expert analysis of current events that affect Muslims in the West as well as offerings in the classical Islamic disciplines.

Our Mission

The Mission of the Lamppost Education Initiative is to facilitate access to Islam’s rich intellectual, moral, and spiritual legacy, promote societal harmony, and encourage tolerance of ideological diversity.

Luqman Williams(may Allah have mercy on him) Our name 'Lamppost" came from Br. Luqman who envisioned our efforts as a light that illuminates the dark streets of a city.

Our Vision

We envision Lamppost as playing a positive role in promoting a clear and accurate picture of Islam and addressing the moral and socio-political concerns of Muslims eager to preserve, secure, and gain inclusion for Islam in the American historical narrative and religio-cultural mosaic. That is by promoting Islamic orthodoxy and bravely tackling matters of theological and moral controversy happening in the public sphere which may challenge the faith convictions of misinformed Muslims. 


Lamppost in a Nutshell

‘Culturally Relevant Islamic Programs and Publications

The work of the Lamppost Education Initiative focuses on orthodox Islam & contemporary challenges in the following areas:

  • Jurisprudence
  • Theology
  • Spirituality
  • Family & Gender Relations
  • Spousal & Domestic Abuse
  • Sexual Impropriety
  • Gender Confusion
  • Finance & Economics
  • Sectarianism & Extremism
  • Race/Racism
  • Politics

The Lamppost Team

Dr. Abdullah bin Hamid Ali

Founder & BOard Member

Imam Dawud Walid

Board Member

Imam Dawood Yasin

BOard Member

Ishmael Royer

Board Member

Faatimah Knight

BOard Member

Khalil Muhsin

General Manager

Nour M. Goda

BOard Member

Eram M Uddin

Board Member