Balancing the Conversation: A Series of Talks on COVID-19

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What is happening in our society today? There is an overwhelming level of censorship surrounding the COVID-19 vaccinations. Any opinion suggesting alternative treatments or approaches to the COVID-19 crisis is being censored on important news and social media outlets. Dr. Mazen Atassi and Dr. Abdullah bin Hamid Ali discuss this censorship in the first talk of the ‘Balancing the Conversation’ series. The ‘Balancing the Conversation’ series are talks designed to help Muslims seek alternatives and solutions to the problems raised by the COVID-19 crises. We will have more information on these discussions coming soon.

Forced Vaccinations

Do You Need A Religious Exemption From Forced Vaccination? Is there a basis in Islam for such an exemption?
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‘Islam & Economics’ provides the dogma-free foundations of Islamic economics.’
   Hossein Askari , Professor of Business and International Affairs, The George Washington University. A thought-provoking new work by Ali Salman with a foreword by Dr. Abdullah bin Hamid Ali. Available now at Lamppost.  Click button for more details

A fascinating new work on the English translations of the Qur’an and Tafsir. Click the link below for more information

Dr. Abdullah bin Hamid Ali

He holds a Ph.D. in Cultural and Historical Studies in Religion (2016) and an M.A. in Ethics and Social Theory (2012) from the Graduate Theological Union. He  obtained his B.A. (ijaza ‘ulya) in Islamic Law (Shariah) from the prestigious Al-Qarawiyin University of Fes, Morocco in 2001. He served as full time Islamic chaplain at the State Correctional Institute of Chester, PA from 2002-2007, and is the founding director of the Lamppost Education Initiative. He currently serves as an Associate Professor of Islamic law and Prophetic Tradition at Zaytuna College in Berkeley, California. His research interests include the interconnection between law and identity formation, comparative Islamic law, and Islam’s role in the modern world.
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Dr. Mazen Atassi

Dr. Mazen Atassi is a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine and the founder of Forward To Health, a holistic wellness clinic and educational initiative. Dr. Mazen practices vitalistic natural medicine, weaving together homeopathy, botanical medicine, hydrotherapy, and nutrition with a specialty in somatic trauma therapy (NARM). He has patients and students across the world. He lives in Chicago with his wife and daughter.

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