Sunni vs Shi'a

Sunni-Shi'ah Course-Dr. Abdullah Ali and Dr Khalid Blankinship



The Lamppost Education Initiative is pleased to present these detailed presentations from Dr Khalid Yahya Blankinship, a noted Islamic historian and author and Shaykh Abdullah bin Hamid Ali, the Director of Islamic Law at Zaytuna College. Dr. Blankinship provides a unique view of this historical debate. Utilizing both Sunni and Shi’ah sources, Dr. Blankinship gives us an objective look at early Islamic history and examines the factors that lead to the Sunni-Shi’ah split. Shaykh Abdullah Ali provides a look at some of the issues of law and theology debated between the Sunni and Shi’ah.

It is important to note that these presentations from two Sunni Muslims attempt to provide an objective and fair view of the issues of debate between the Sunni and Shi’ah while providing a historical context that gives us a better understanding of the issues that confront us today

This course includes:

  • Historical details of the Sunni-Shi’ah split
  • Details surrounding the Origins of the Crisis
  • Sayyidina ‘Ali, the Shi’a and the Early Caliphate
  • The First Civil War: Act I
  • The Emergence of Historical Shiism
  • The Differing Shi’a Sects
  • Similarities & Polemical Distortions

Question and Answer Session and much more!

    • Mp3 downloadable recordings
    • A detailed pdf presentation to be viewed with Dr Khalid Blankinship’s MP3 recording
    • Q&A Session

Sunni-Shi'ah Course-Dr. Abdullah Ali and Dr Khalid Blankinship

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