The War Against Believers

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"We don't only believe in what we can perceive with our five senses, we don't only believe in the 'science', we believe in the soul, the unseen, the afterlife. To claim to be a believer and believe otherwise is a sign of weak faith"

In this short, concise khutbah, Dr. Ali provides a rich understanding of how Islamic belief coincides with ’cause and effect’. Are Muslims sinking into minor shirk with attitudes about vaccines and ‘the science’? Please listen carefully to this profound yet brief talk on our Aqeedah.

“Islam and Economics provides the dogma-free foundations of Islamic economics.” 

 Hossein Askari, Emeritus Iran Professor of Business and International Affairs, The George Washington University

This primer is an introductory text to rediscover the principles of commerce and economics revealed in the Qur’an, espoused by the Sunnah, and understood by the jurists. With a foreword by Dr. Abdullah bin Hamid Ali, this work is available now at Lamppost. Click the link below for more details 

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