Connecting Our Youth With The Qur’an

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Connecting With The Qur'an: A Special Young Men's Retreat with Ustadh Nuh Saunders

On October 1-3, 2021, the Lamppost Education Initiative is conducting a unique three-day retreat with 100 young men aged 13-21. The objective of this retreat is to connect our young men to the inimitable Quran. This retreat will take place at beautiful Indian Springs Park in Flovilla, GA, about one hour from Atlanta, Georgia. The retreat will include hiking, self-defense, archery, and unique sessions with Ustadh Nuh Saunders and other Muslim teachers to be announced on how the Qur’an helps develop manhood. This retreat includes lodging and food. This Qur’an retreat is for young men and teenage boys. (Stay tuned to Lamppost for upcoming programs for young women and teenage girls)
Many of our young Muslim men and women suffer in this increasingly polarized society wherein manhood is devalued. As a result, our Muslim children are facing unprecedented challenges to their moral and ethical values. These values are found in the Qur’an. Therefore, we must make every effort to instill the importance of the Qur’an in our children. This retreat promises to be an enriching time for your child with an experienced staff of adults and teachers to ensure a safe and positive experience with nature and the Qur’an. Please stay tuned for more updates and information related to this beautiful event.

Ustadh Nuh Saunders of Dar al-Qurra on 'Connecting With The Qur'an Beyond Recitation'

Atiba Saleem Jones of SAVE Institute on 'Connecting Our Youth With The Qur'an' Retreat

Registration: $125.00 Per Child

Registration includes overnight lodging at Indian Springs park, food, and other costs related to the retreat. Space is limited. We will have some scholarships for youth who may not be able to afford the event. Please email us at for details. 
If you are interested in sponsoring a child, stroll down this page or please click HERE 

About the Venue:
Indian Springs State Park

“Conveniently located near I-75 in middle Georgia, Indian Springs is one of the oldest state parks in the United States and a popular spot for outdoor recreation. For centuries, Creek Indians collected the spring water for its healing qualities, and during the 1800s, the area was a bustling resort town. Today, visitors can still sample the spring water flowing inside the stone Spring House built by the Civilian Conservation Corps during the Great Depression.”
Click HERE for more details on this venue.

Sponsor A Youth

Are you interested in sponsoring a youth for this event? Your contribution can help a child who can’t afford the cost of the retreat. If we can reach our goal of $15,000, this Qur’an Retreat will be FREE of charge for our youth. Please support our efforts to have as many disadvantaged Muslim kids participate in this life-changing event.

Our Teacher:
Ustadh Nuh Saunders

Nuh Saunders was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is the grandson of converts to Islam who were sure to instill in him a love of Islam.
As an aspiring Student of Knowledge, he began his studies in Arabic and Quranic studies at the Quba Institute in Philadelphia. He then began an in-depth study of Aqidah and Dawah with Shaykh Abdur Rahman Sondalani privately. During this time, he was privileged to study Shafi Fiqh with Imam Muhammad Amin of Atlantic City, New Jersey.
At the advice of Imam Amin and many others, Ustadh Nuh set out to the Islamic world to further his pursuit of knowledge. At first, this led him to Egypt where he had the opportunity to study Arabic grammar and Tajweed with scholars of Al Azhar University. After that, he moved to Tarim, Yemen to enroll in the world-famous Dar Al Mustafa Islamic Seminary. He has studied the various Islamic sciences including fiqh, hadith, seerah, and tassawuf.
His main area of study is Quranic recitation. He was given the opportunity to study privately with such great Quran reciters such as Sayyid Ali Ba Alawi of Tarim Hadramawt and Shaykh Bashar al Riz, who is one of the great reciters of Damascus and a direct student of Abul Hassan al Kurdi. He has memorized the main text in the science of Tajweed and received ijaza. He has been been in Tarim for the past six years where he is studying full time with the intention of specializing in Dawah, and Quranic recitation, along with the variant modes of recitation under the tutelage of great scholars such as Habib Umar Bin Hafidh and many others.

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For more details on this unique work click the link below

Sponsors of 'Connecting With The Qur'an'-A Youth Retreat

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